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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

How To Use Wondershare Filmora - Walkthrough - Full Review - Best Beginners Video Editing Software

How To Use Wondershare Filmora - Walkthrough - Full Review

Wondershare Filmora video editor is one of the best out in the the market that is handy & simple for any beginner video maker, the software is been made so simplified that any non-techie person can use it to create some great professional videos with it.

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if there is any tool that can out-compete other video editing software’s such as, Windows Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Apple) then that is Wondershare Filmora,
Filmora is been in the market for many years for its outstanding features & updates, the competition is been tough for other basic video editing software’s in many aspects, but it all depends on the use/work, what type of editing you are going to do,
We can see Wondershare Filmora is a lot more advanced than most of the basic video editors, but that doesn’t make it invincible to do any kind of video editing, as it’s a beginners video editor so you won’t be able to do many magical things such as move things or people around as you can do within Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas,

The deal with these high-end software’s such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas is they need a high-end PC/System to run it as they need a lot of  processing power which means you need good config PC with good RAM, Graphics Card for your PC, so for the people who are new or can’t get high specs PC they are good to install Filmora anytime which is affordable & easy to use,
Filmora can be used for YouTubers who make Vlogs, Cooking videos, Dance/Singing Covers & even gamers are good to go with Filmora as it has options to add Title, Captions, Transitions, Credits, Intro & much more, it won’t cost you much but it will be worth to give a try, as it’s not just editing but even your video matters to get that amount exposure,
Filmora Features –
When you open Filmora you will see a pop-up for creating new movie  & to select the aspect ratio of the screen which is 16:9 (Widescreen) & 4:3 (Standard) for computers/laptop/televisions, 1:1 (Instagram) is for Instagram posts & stories. & the last one is a portrait of mobile screens.

There are two modes to edit videos that are Easy Mode & Full Feature Mode, besides that, you even get Instant Cutter & Action Cam Tool,

Easy Mode - You must Import media & then select any theme you feel suitable & good for your video/slideshow the deal with the easy mode is, it will be having pre-added transitions, effects, music, title, captions in the theme,

So it won’t take much time to create any video compared to Full-featured mode, you will have the option to even change the music of the video if you want, some selective royalty free music will be given, but you may add your own music file too, once you're done with all steps in Easy mode, you can preview your project by changing the opening title & closing title before saving & share,

In save & share option you will have multiple options before final rendering that is choosing Format of video which can be WMC, Mp4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV. TS, 3GP,  MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF Or MP3 or you can choose video format as per device or online platform  for which you will be making if you choose particular device based video you can make the video for  iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Galaxy s5, Smart Phone, Android Generic, Nexus, Xbox One, PS4, Wii, Sony TV, you can make video for these devices,

If you thinking to upload the video directly to an online platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo you just need to sign in to those respective websites with your account & add Title of video, Description, Tags, Quality, Category Privacy,
once these all are done you will be given an option to Export your video for whatever option you choose, this was for Easy mode.

Instant Cutter - In this, you can trim & merge videos instantly by importing videos just click on open file & import videos which have to be trimmed or merged with other videos,
In trimming option, you can slide out to set the start & the ending point of your video to be trimmed & even add segments to your video
In merge option, you must add multiple videos which are to be merged & you can align according to which has to be in start & which must be in end & then click on Import,

Before getting into Full Feature Mode we will see what’s with Action Cam Tool, this tool offers three cool features that are Fix, Speed, Colour,

Action Cam Tool -

Fix feature - You will see Lens Correction, Stabilization & Audio Denoise.
Lens Correction - This will help to edit videos captured with any high-end camera such as Go Pro Series, iON Camera Air Pro, Panasonic HX-A1, Richo WG -M1, Sony FDR X3000 & as per your camera choice, you can choose the resolution & adjust the level of lens effect,
Stabilization - You can stabilize your video if your video is recorded with a shaky camera.
Audio Denoise - Which will help to reduce the surrounding noise of video & focus on actual video audio.

Speed FeatureYou will see Speed & Freeze Frame.
Speed – You can add a marker to a part of the video & change the speed of the video, replay it, reverse the video by keeping the sound or removing it,
Freeze FrameUsing this you can freeze any frame/moment in the video & even can apply the effect of having a freeze frame.

Colour: - Here in this feature you will two options Colour & 3D LUT
Colour - Using this feature, you can change the brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Tint, Vignette,
3D LUT – Using this feature you can add different movie filters to the video such as 007 Series, B&W Film, Batman, Cool Film, Dark Film, Game of Thrones, Gravity & much more movie filters

Now we will get into Full Feature Mode -
As you get into Full Feature Mode will able to see the timeline & storyboard this gives you the ability to do anything as per your choice with no restrictions as other modes,
You will see Import Media Files & Record option in media tab through which you can record or add audios/video to your timeline,
Below that you will be having a bar with several other tabs those are Media, Music, Text/Credit, Transitions, Filters, Overlays, Elements, Split Screen, Export,
Now by swapping into each tab, you will see each feature of Full Feature mode of Filmora –

Media – In media tab as already mentioned it will have the media files (Video/audios) you imported above, for media you can import any working video & audio format you recorded through to make sure your media file shouldn’t be corrupted before importing.

Music – In the music tab you will have royalty free music provided by Wondershare Filmora team which you can use for your video Intro, Outro or as background sound, there will be many different genre musics to choose from i.e. Rock, Folk, Electronic. Sound Effects, you need to download the Audio/music before using it just by double-clicking on the files will make them available offline.

Text/Credit – In Text/Credit tab you will have different kind of animated text & credit templates which you can add to your timeline to add it in your video, you just have to edit the text of those templates & you will be having your own Intro/Text/Credit for your videos, Wondershare even does have their own shop to get more vivid & latest text/credit suitable as per your video topic,

Transitions – In the transitions tab you will have tons of transitions from various effects, you may add transition such as Fade, Dissolve, Bar, Blind, Col Merge, Butterfly Wave Scrawler, Col Split, Cross Merge & you can sort & see the transition as per the topic of your video like a Lifestyle, Seasonal, Basic, 3D, Speed Blur, Warp

Filters – In the Filter tab there will be filters that can be used over your video to add some filter effect it will be a few seconds of animation onto your video same as there are filters for pictures in editing apps this will be moving filters for your video, you can add shake, background blur, nightlife, Instagram like distortion, black & white filters which you can add over your video.

Overlays – Overlays are like Filters but little more effective & advance with adding Frame, Light Leaks, Bokeh Blur, Lens Flares, Old Film, Damaged Film, TV Static, View Finder effects. from these overlays you will have more sub overlays in each overlay there will be more than 5-10 overlays to choose.

Elements – In Elements Tab there will some PNG images & Gifs/Moving images added as elements & can be used between your video to add some exciting effect to your video & make it more look entertaining for your viewers, you will get Love, Journey, Shapes, Hand Drawn, Badges, Tutorial, Web Pets, Emojis, as elements & this each element will have sub-elements in it to be used.

Split Screen – Split Screen is a way of a frame effect where you can split screen & add more video beside other videos if you are making any slideshow, an occasional, party video with this feature you will have more than 20 frames can be used in split screen with different styles, you can zoom in & zoom out one & another side of the screen.

Export – This one is the last tab you will see it is the tab to export your final video within different format you want, you will be provided with some basic format in first such as WMV, Mp4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, MP3, GIF, MP3 these will be some basic format for video you can export to,
but if you want device based then you will have the option to select your device in below such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Galaxy S5, Smart Phone, Android Generic, Nexus, Xbox One, PS4, Wii, SONY TV,
if you want to export & directly upload to any of online streaming website such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo you can sign in to those respective sites with their login & add title, description, tags, select quality, Category, Privacy of the video & upload it,
In the end, even, you will have DVD Descriptions option to fill info of your video for DVDs such as DVD Label, Aspect Ratio, TV Standard, Video Quality, Encoding Type, DVD Disc Type, & then adding the output path you can burn the video to the DVD Disc.

Preview Window - Above the feature tabs in RHS there will be a window for a preview of the project you will be working on Filmora with options to a backward, forward frame of video, play & pause the video, Stop the video, record voiceovers, take a snapshot of the video in the preview window, muting sound, minimizing & maximizing.

Timeline/Storyboard- Below the features tabs you will see a set of blocks in which you can add your videos, audios, text/credit, transitions, filters, overlays, elements, split screen for editing a max of 1 video track is provided with 1 effects track & additionally you can add 5 text tracks & 10 music tracks to the timeline/storyboard of Filmora,
Even you will be given with the options such as undo, redo, Edit video look by rotating or changing video Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Tint, 3D LUT, Auto Enhance, Speed of the video, reversing the video & besides the edit option, you will have trim video, delete, crop, Freeze Frame, Power Tool which helps you Tilt-Shift,
& in last there will be an option of Advanced Colour Tuning in which can change White Balance, 3D LUT, Colour, Light, HSL, Vignette, you will also have the option of pre-set color tuning in there will set of pre-colored settings from which you can choose the best one suits for your video.

Now this was all the walkthrough & how to use the Wondershare Filmora software, these features are good enough for making simple video for any Youtuber & beginner to learn this awesome video editor you don’t need to get any tutorials or training to make a simple video by adding any of your videos than making it look good professional by attaching some Text/Credit in intro & Outro, then adding transitions, filters, overlays or some elements into it, in case you are looking forward to adding some more videos or affects you may face some difficulties,

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