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Thursday, 4 April 2019

How To Create Fake / Alternate WhatsApp Account - TextNow Working Number - Easy Way

Hello, Welcome to Cursed Brains, In this video, I will be showing how to create alternate Whatsapp account using text now fake number.

In the following video let me take you through the steps on how to use WhatsApp without personal phone number, which usually means you can use WhatsApp without sim or phone number, so that you can use the WhatsApp without using own phone number, it makes easy & simple to get WhatsApp number with no much workaround, there are many queries on YouTube asking -

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Visit the following link to sign up on text now,

Click on sign up through Google & make sure to select a Gmail id you have not used before on Text Now, I have trimmed out my signup process for privacy reasons.

In the textnow area code section, I'm adding a valid & working textnow area code for Whatsapp, so at the time, you are watching this video the following textnow area code may or may not work for WhatsApp due to spam, but I will keep you updated with working Whatsapp textnow area code on my blog stay tuned for that,

once you entered the area code in textnow for WhatsApp, in a few seconds you may or may not

get Google Captcha verification, but if you get to make sure not to ignore, or else you will lose your textnow fake number,

just to let you know, the following method to create fake/alternate WhatsApp account with textnow number can be done through the textnow android app also, but their most of the time you may get text now fake numbers which are already used, so I'm showing you the method through Laptop or System, in which most of the times you will get unused textnow numbers,

After verifying google captcha on textnow in a few seconds you will get a random unused text now number for Whatsapp.

once you can see the textnow working fake number on your screen,  you need to check the textnow number is banned for WhatsApp or not by verifying it.

While verifying Whatsapp with textnow fake number you may get an error 'We couldn't send an SMS to your number, Please check your mobile number and try again in 1 hour' just ignore this warning & choose the call option & wait for a few seconds, you will get a call through Whatsapp, on your text now number for verification, receive it, listen for the Whatsapp verification code & verify your WhatsApp account.

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As for the following Whatsapp, the account is new, there won't be any backup for it, just skip the backup step & you will able to successfully create a new fake/alternate Whatsapp account using textnow number,

For the cross-check, if the number is been used by someone or not previously through textnow, check out recent stories by Whatsapp.

you may think how to keep your Whatsapp number safe created by text now fake number, by not losing it vIsit play store & download text now android/ios app,

I have already downloaded it, the open text now app & login your desired text now account created through your Gmail account,

In the textnow app, you will be able to see your text now number, nowhere you can use the following textnow number for any OTP purposes such as telegram, Amazon account, etc verification, in such way you won't lose the number,

usually, you will receive emails by text now, in which they keep you aware & warned before you lose the number, by the warning, 'You will lose your textnow phone number soon' 'Don't lose your textnow phone number'

That's it, we have created alternate/fake Whatsapp account successfully with text now number, hope I have explained each & everything clearly, leave your comments & doubts in the comment section, don't forget to like, share & subscribe for much more videos, thank you for watching this video.

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