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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password | Administrator Password Recovery | Command Prompt

June 23, 2021 0
How to Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password | Administrator Password Recovery | Command Prompt


I will be showing how you could get into Windows 10, if you lost your account password, I will be showing by creating an alternate admin account, to copy & recover files or reset the lost password,

I'm not accountable for any misuse of this method, as it is a safety measure in an emergency, so kindly don't use this method to infiltrate someone's privacy, getting into other systems without owner concern, it may lead you to serious legal problems,

privacy has been a major part of technology from the beginning for computers, cell phones & internet, every part of technology has privacy which needs to be protected,

the first line of protection is always been with password & with multiple devices, there will be multiple passwords to be remembered as every password must be strong & different than other it gets difficult to remember all of them,

in these multiple passwords sometimes, we may forget one of our passwords making our device & accounts to be locked out with all our important data in them,

as Windows is one of the major operating system used widely for computers, with time Microsoft has evolved from windows dos to windows 10, in the part of evolution they made the windows more protected with multiple methods such as passwords, pins & external drives,

most of the times when resetting a password for windows, people think it needs much high-level knowledge & skills to get the access back, in this case, you are the only owner with physical access to the system, so it doesn't need any repairman to be paid for resetting your password,

you can reset your Windows password easily & for free with the help of a Windows bootable drive,

you must replace the ease of access with a command prompt, the ease of access on the windows login screen helps with the use of assistive settings,

replacing the ease of access will help in creating an alternate admin account to reset the password of your forgotten windows 10 admin account & data recovery,

Reset Windows 10 Admin Password -

Create Windows Bootable Device - 

you need a USB drive with windows 10 flashed on it using the Media Creation Tool, just a side note, you can use the following method on windows 7 & 8 also.

get into the boot menu, clicking the respective key such as f12 & select the USB drive, you will see windows 10 installation settings ignore it & click shift + f10 to open the command screen

Replace Ease of Access File with Command Prompt -

now using the command prompt, I will show how to replace the ease of access with a command prompt follow these command lines & replicate,

[ move c:\windows\systemm32\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\ultiman.exe utilman.bak ]

you may see an error mentioning 'the system cannot find the path specified' if you encounter this error try each drive letter until you locate the correct drive letter,

to make it quick click the up arrow it will copy the above code & you just need to replace the drive letter,

[ e:\windows\systemm32\utilman.exe e:\windows\system32\ultiman.exe utilman.bak ]

the following command will rename the ease of access file utilman.exe with another name utitlman.exe.bak to replace the command prompt in its place,

[ copy e:\windows\system32\cmd.exe e:\windows\system32\utilman.exe ]

this command will copy the command prompt file & rename with ease of access file once the steps are done reboot the system with the following command.

[ wpeutil reboot ]

Create a new Admin Account

& the ease of access options has been replaced with the command prompt, from here below commands will create a new admin user on the system, to recover data, or reset the lost password,

[ net user (username) /add ]

the first command creates a user & the second command will make it an admin you can name the user with anything you want in my case I named it as a backup,

as account creation is done exit the command prompt & restart the system for the user to be visible by entering

[ exit ]

Reset Lost Local Admin Password -

a new user is been created named as a backup sign-in into it, now I will show how to reset the lost password.

using Windows key, + R open run & enter the following command to open user accounts

[ netplwiz ]

in the user accounts you will find all the user accounts on windows, the difference between the local admin & email connected account is you can reset the password for the local admin account, but you can't for the email connected account, below you will see how to recover data from the email connected account

sign out from the backup account & check if you can sign in through the new password for the local admin account you can now access all your personal data from all the folders,

Recover Data from Email Admin Account -

to access & recover data from an email connected admin account if in case you can't reset the password of the email or you don't have access to the email connected to the account.

get inside the user account through the c drive of the system & users folder depending on the user data it will take time to open be patient as you get in you will get access to all your data from that user account, copy them to the backup account,

Remove / Delete Command Prompt from Login Screen - 

now after everything is done remove the command prompt from the ease of access menu so others can't get access to your system you need to get inside the windows & system32 folders where the command prompt & the ease of access files were replaced & renamed.

find utilman.exe rename & replace those files with their original names, you can use the search option to find the ease of access & command prompt files,

the command prompt file with utilman.exe name needs to be deleted & the original ease of access file must be renamed to its original name from utilman.exe.bak to utilman.exe,

before renaming the file make sure to get permission to rename the file by getting into properties & security then advanced & then transfer the ownership to one of the admin accounts you have access to,

FYI - in case your admin account is connected to an email you can regain access by resetting the password on the Microsoft website & login with the new password, make sure you are connected to the internet. & visit

that's it the ease of access has been restored, & the command prompt is been removed, now everything is done, a new admin account has been created to get back into your system, the password has been reset for a local admin account, data can be recovered, for the email connected account through users folder in the C drive.


How to Enable Phoenix OS Boot Menu | Not Booting | Boot Problem Fixed | 3 Methods

June 23, 2021 0
How to Enable Phoenix OS Boot Menu | Not Booting | Boot Problem Fixed | 3 Methods


In this video, I will show you, how you can get in Phoenix OS when you can't access it directly through the boot menu, how to show the boot menu on the startup of the system,

Phoenix OS is an Android OS that can be dual boot with the primary operating system, Phoenix OS is used to install and use Android apps on a desktop,

for the past couple of years Pubg, free fire, and other battleground games is been famous on Android and many people want to play these games on a desktop, and Phoenix OS is been the most optimized and fast Android OS around,

but installing an Android OS such as Phoenix OS is been a little tricky which I already covered on How to Install Phoenix OS,

but even after installing many users have and still do face problems such as the found at /dev/sda or Phoenix OS won't boot at all and users don't get any boot menu to select the option while booting,

I showed the error & multiple fixes through which you can see the boot menu and get in Phoenix OS,

usually, as we install phoenix OS or any dual operating system, you get a grub menu to select the OS which you want to use, but in this case, we don't have any grub menu,

First Method -

Get into the boot menu by pressing the respective key for me its f12 & select phoenix OS this is the first method or fix to get in Phoenix OS.

Second Method -

Get in Windows & download this program Bootice -

using this program we will disable windows boot manager which will leave the Phoenix OS boot menu, only to load on startup, the grub menu will be visible to get in phoenix OS,

Third Method -

The following method is specifically done on a dell laptop, so the settings might be different for your system, you may need to check with your desktop or laptop model for similar settings,

get into the boot menu & select bios setup,

in bios setup, you will need to disable windows boot manager & keep phoenix OS selected, that's it you will see the phoenix OS grub menu,

these are three methods, you can use to fix the boot menu not appearing and get in Phoenix OS, if one doesn't work, another will work,

once you have achieved getting in phoenix OS, & you want to uninstall it, make sure to reverse these methods, to use Windows boot manager to get in Windows then you can watch my video on How to Uninstall Phoenix OS easily,

Saturday, 24 October 2020

How to Delete Dual Boot Operating System | Uninstall/Remove Windows 8.1 | Easy & Quick Way

October 24, 2020 0
How to Delete Dual Boot Operating System | Uninstall/Remove Windows 8.1 | Easy & Quick Way

I will show how to remove or delete Windows 8.1 dual boot. Dual-booting has been an excellent feature letting people boot more than one operating system & using the one is required according to your requirements, every operating system, such as Android, Linux distros & older windows versions can be used as a secondary operating system, but as the use of the secondary operating systems is done, it's quite heavy for the hard drive being occupied for no use, so, it is also mandatory to remove these operating system properly & correctly without messing with your primary operating system & keeping all your data safe, let me show now, how to remove dual booting of the windows operating with another windows operating system, Check - HOW TO DUAL BOOT WINDOWS 8.1 WITH WINDOWS 10 | EASY WORKING WAY Delete Windows 8.1 Dual Boot - as the device is getting started, & windows 8.1 is still installed with the boot menu, get into windows 10, to remove the windows 8.1 dual boot. just for another confirmation, check the system configuration, with the windows 8.1 dual boot option, now, delete & remove the windows 8.1 dual boot quickly, open disk management & delete the volume which has windows 8.1 installed, as once the volume is deleted, extend the empty volume, into the source of partition. now after deletion, check the system configuration, for windows 8.1 been deleted or not, you will see, there will be only Windows 10 will be left behind, as the default & primary operating system for the last confirmation, restart the system & check with the boot menu removed or not, & that's it there you will see, Windows 8.1 dual boot is been removed quickly & successfully.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 | Easy Working Way

October 22, 2020 0
How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 | Easy Working Way

People still look for downgrading their windows 10 to 8.1 or dual booting it with Windows 10 & some just want to downgrade just for the sake of nostalgia,

Windows 8.1 the Microsoft operating system, launched on August 27, 2013, & been part of the Microsoft family for 6 years by having an end of mainstream support on January 9, 2018,

in these all years, we have seen so many updates for Windows 8.1 which got carry forward & upgraded to Windows 10, as many programs & software supported for windows, 8.1 got upgrades for windows 10 & can still be used on both operating systems,

the pros of windows 8.1 compared to Windows 10 are it requires a low-end built system & laptops, windows 8.1 have the lowest bloatware from Microsoft making to run faster, boot quicker, restart in a few moments,

the system without SDD has the drawback for Windows 10 making the operating system to run slowly & freeze on a lot of moments, whereas Windows 8.1 works smoothly on HDD built system,

but some of the software got abandoned by its developers leaving it to work till windows 8.1 & not windows 10, so in this video, I will be showing how to dual boot windows 8.1 on existing Windows 10.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8.1 -

Download Windows 8.1 iso from the following link -

Download Rufus to flash Windows 8.1 on a USB drive up to or larger than 8GB -

as both Windows 8.1 iso & Rufus is downloaded, open Rufus to flash Windows 8.1 on the USB drive,

the USB drive will be auto-selected, locate the Windows 8.1 ISO file, where you downloaded it, & flash it on the USB drive,

open disk management, to create a partition, to dual boot Windows 8.1,

create a partition, from any of the drive which you feel, has sufficient space, make sure to be it minimum of 100GB for better performance, now, restart the system. get into boot loader, by pressing the respective key, such as f12 & select the USB drive, you flashed with Windows 8.1,

you will be able to see Windows 8.1 installation settings, follow on-screen instruction, sorry for the low light recording,

Windows 8.1 requires an installation key for activation, you can purchase one unofficially from Amazon or eBay, for your information, you will need a newly purchased key, any old activation key used for windows 7 or 8, & upgraded to Windows 10 won't work, it will bypass the activation screen, but windows 8.1 won't be activated.

once you enter the license, you will be able to dual boot Windows 8.1, on the partition you created previously,

make sure, to select the correct partition, or you will risk losing all the data of the respective partition, as Windows 8.1 is installed, a Windows bootloader will be created on startup, helping to choose between both windows versions,

once the installation is done, you must set up a few things, such as user account & settings, & finally, as everything will be done, you can get into Windows 8.1 & use it peacefully,


as windows 8.1 is been installed, check if the primary OS, Windows 10 is working perfectly by restarting the system.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

How to Uninstall Ubuntu | Remove Ubuntu Dual Boot | Delete Ubuntu Grub 2.0

August 02, 2020 0
How to Uninstall Ubuntu | Remove Ubuntu Dual Boot | Delete Ubuntu Grub 2.0
How to Uninstall Ubuntu  Remove | Ubuntu Dual Boot | Delete Ubuntu Grub 2.0

Ubuntu is one of the well-known Linux distro used by many, as a secondary or primary operating system along with Windows or any other operating system,

as in the last article/video, I showed how you can install & dual-boot ubuntu easily & safely along with Windows,

How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 | Install Ubuntu With Windows 10 | Easy Safe Installation 

as easy as it is to install Ubuntu along with Windows, so it is simple to uninstall & remove completely from your dual-boot system,

sometimes, we don't use a dual boot operating system daily but just may need temporarily for any work which can only be done using those operating system & ubuntu is such OS,

as Ubuntu is a Linux distribution it costs nothing to use, the only thing you spend on ubuntu is your time to install it,

one of the ubuntu benefits is to get updates every 6 months with security & privacy if you know how to tweak it,

as much as it provides privacy, ubuntu is easy to use & any normal person who knows the basics of computers can use it,

in the windows, you have Windows Store for day-to-day Apps such as Skype, Visual Studio, Telegram & many other apps, these apps can be installed on Ubuntu too with the help of Ubuntu Software Center,

usually, people, who have less CPU efficient work & don't require many tools or Software i.e bloggers or digital marketers can use ubuntu,

ubuntu has such an environment to work completely without getting interrupted mid-day updates or lag, so, Ubuntu can be used as dual boot & may remove it after some time,

let's now see how to uninstall & remove ubuntu from your system easily & safely with the guide to remove ubuntu boot loader,

How to Uninstall Ubuntu

first, get into disk management,

& delete all the partitions associated with ubuntu, make sure you remember, which are the ubuntu partitions,

Delete Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader Visual BCD How to Uninstall Ubuntu

you can know them by the size of the partitions, don't delete any partition associated with your primary operating system, which in this case is Windows.

extend the deleted partitions into their original drive.

Disk Management Extend Partition How to Uninstall Ubuntu

now we must remove ubuntu boot loader, using Visual BCD, as I already used it in one of my other videos, to show how to delete Boot Entries, you can check it on my channel,

make sure to double-check, which boot loader or entry you are deleting using Visual BCD, I recommend not touching any boot entry, which you don't know.

Delete Ubuntu Grub Boot Loader Visual BCD How to Uninstall Ubuntu

now to check, if everything is removed & working fine, just restart the system.

Restart System How to Uninstall Ubuntu

& you can see, ubuntu will be removed successfully & safely

Clean Ubuntu System How to Uninstall Ubuntu

Thursday, 23 July 2020

How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 | Install Ubuntu With Windows 10 | Easy Safe Installation

July 23, 2020 0
How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 | Install Ubuntu With Windows 10 | Easy Safe Installation

How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 Install Ubuntu With Windows 10

Hello, Welcome back to Cursed Brains,

how to dual boot ubuntu with windows 10 using iso file, I will be showing you in this video,

what is dual boot? dual booting is a way of using two operating systems within one hard drive, by selecting from the bootloader at the beginning of your system booting,

dual boot makes it easy to create a workaround for using operating systems such as ubuntu & windows 10 for their own work use,

both of these operating system ubuntu & windows 10 have their own advantages which lack in one or other of them to switch between & use the working one for their respective work,

Ubuntu we all heard about this Linux distro once or many times for sure in our tech life,

but what makes Ubuntu the most popular Linux distro out there than other Linux distros, Ubuntu is well known for its ease of access for any newbie who wants to use Linux without much of getting into learning,

ubuntu has the best & helpful community to solve almost every issue you may come across while using, usually, people with less tech experience sometimes make mistakes such as removing or uninstalling ubuntu not properly creating grub & bootloader errors,

as this video states on how to install ubuntu with windows 10, which is one of another strong reason for ubuntu being widely used that is you can install ubuntu without any fear of losing data while installation,

even when something wrong may happen, there is not much to worry about how to uninstall ubuntu easily by not ultimately bricking your pc as compared to other operating system removals,

the term Ubuntu derives from African language which means 'Humanity' as same as the purpose of this Linux distro which is serving it's best for modern humanity mainly we can say for the community of coders,

the developers of ubuntu make sure they get the best features for ubuntu new versions in every 6 months, they even take care of all the minor issues if there is anything to fix it in this period,  

now as we have a clearance of what is dual boot & what is ubuntu, in short, I will explain how easily you can install ubuntu with windows 10,

Download Rufus & Ubuntu ISO from the following links, check the description for links,

Ubunu Download Link How Dual Boot Ubuntu

Rufus is a free and open-source portable application for Windows to create bootable USB flash drives or Live USBs.

the Ubuntu ISO will download depending on your internet speed,  make sure you have the USB plugged in before creating your bootable drive, you need at least 8 GB USB drive,

8 GB USB drive How Dual Boot Ubuntu

rufus will auto-select your USB drive, you need to select the ISO from your downloaded location,

select the ISO rufus How Dual Boot Ubuntu

now create the bootable drive, it will take a few minutes for the bootable drive to get ready, 

create the bootable drive How Dual Boot Ubuntu

once the bootable device is ready, open the disk management to shrink & create a partition for ubuntu dual-boot,

disk management to shrink & create a partition How Dual Boot Ubuntu

you can shrink your partitions from any of your empty drives, make sure to shrink least 50-60 GB partition for Ubuntu Dual boot,

once the partitioning completes, close the disk management & restart your system,

restart your system How Dual Boot Ubuntu

get into the boot menu by pressing the desired button of your system usually it is f12 & delete,

select the USB flash drive to install ubuntu, now let all processes complete, I wouldn't recommend interrupting these processes, 

select the USB flash drive How Dual Boot Ubuntu

install dialog box for ubuntu How Dual Boot Ubuntu

as it completes you will see the install dialog box for ubuntu & select Install Ubuntu, & select your preferred language, 

select your preferred language How Dual Boot Ubuntu

you can connect to the internet if you want which will help you download additional updates while installing,

connect to the internet How Dual Boot Ubuntu

for your information, download updates & install third-party apps, will consume extra data & time throughout the installation,

download updates & install third-party apps How Dual Boot Ubuntu

in this process we will choose something else, so you can select the partition where you want to install the ubuntu
choose something else

now its time to create the sub-partitions for ubuntu,

create the sub-partitions How Dual Boot Ubuntu

just to clarify, as we remember we created 110 GB of partition, but here on Ubuntu installation, it is showing 115 GB of partition, not to be confused,

showing 115 GB of partition How Dual Boot Ubuntu

Linux measures the drive size differently, so just make sure there is a partition with a similar size to what you created on disk management.

Root partition How Dual Boot Ubuntu

this is the Root partition, for Linux Core & System Files, select the partition type as logical, & use as an EXT4 file system, minimum 15 GB should be allocated, 

Swap Area How Dual Boot Ubuntu

this is the Swap Area, which acts like extra R.A.M when the R.A.M is full, the size of the swap area should be double the size of your R.A.M,

just a side note, the Swap area is usually created for a low RAM system, if you have enough ram as in 16-32 GB, then it is not necessary to create a swap area,

home partition How Dual Boot Ubuntu

the last partition is home, it is to save user data, & should be minimum 30 GB size & maximum all the leftover partition space.

once all the sub-partitions created select your location around the world,

user login data How Dual Boot Ubuntu

enter all the user login data make sure to remember them, so you can log in once the ubuntu is installed,

install the ubuntu How Dual Boot Ubuntu

& finally, install the ubuntu, restart your system & plug out the USB as the installation completes,

plug out the USB How Dual Boot Ubuntu

select ubuntu from the bootloader & wait for it to boot, input the correct password, which you added while installing, that's it your ubuntu is installed now, 

select ubuntu from the bootloader How Dual Boot Ubuntu

User Login Password How to Dual Boot Ubuntu

check around How Dual Boot Ubuntu

just check around everything is working fine & in the end restart the system, to check the windows is working properly.

& this is how easy it is to get ubuntu with windows 10 in a few simple steps, 

Thanks for reading, hope you found this article helpful, if you have any doubts or questions, you can comment them below, make sure to like & subscribe my channel & follow me on my social media. if you want to connect or contact me, just head over to the contact page.

Friday, 13 March 2020

How To Enable App Drawer - MIUI 11 System Launcher - All Xiaomi Devices

March 13, 2020 0
How To Enable App Drawer - MIUI 11 System Launcher - All Xiaomi Devices
How To Enable App Drawer - MIUI 11 System Launcher - All Xiaomi Devices - Cursed Brains]

Hello, Welcome to Cursed Brains, In this following video I will be showing how to enable miui app drawer in miui devices,

Redmi devices have been emerging on a vast number in recent years due to it's less price mid-range daily usable smartphone devices with much of functions same as high-end Andriod devices,